Rock F Plastic Sorting Machine

Rock 300F intelligentized Plastic Sorting machine specially produced for recycling industry.

This machine adopts high-pixel image sensor, equipped with high-speed automatic identifying and analysing system, it can sort needed material from rejected one, so that material quality is greatly promoted.

  • PET bottle flake
  • HDPE/LDPE bottle flake
  • ABS/PS/PC engineering plastic


Operational Principle

Material goes through hopper into the machine, shaken by the vibration device, the material slides through distributing box, an then pass through detector and background board.

Under the light resource, the light sensor receives compound light from the material, and the system sends out signals, driving the movement of the ejection valve, and remove off color material to the eject chamber. Accepted material freely falls down to the finished-product chamber, so that the material is precisely sorted.

Device Characteristic

Separate various colors;
Efficiently sort needed material from rejected one;
Adopts latest software, highly precise sorting, with low product loss;
Strengthened spout and air jet design for high per-cent contaminated material, durable and dependent;
Adopts high-resolution image sensor, equipped with high-speed automatic identifying and analysing system;
New type touch-screen operation platform, big colorful screen and user-friendly operation interface, can easily change sorting precision to the best quality;
Except for some traditional functions like double-face sorting and second-time sorting, it also has more intelligentized functions, which simplify operation and handle.

Sorting Example

Raw material, accepted and reject of HDPE bottle flakes.

PET bottle flakes raw material, accepted material and rejected materials.

Technical Specification

Model Throughput Material size Power Machine size Weight
Rock 180F 1-3T/H 2*2-30*30mm 1.8KW 1455*1597*2142mm 940KG
Rock 300F 2-5T/H 2*2-30*30mm 2.4KW 2075*1597*2142mm 1330KG
Rock 420F 3-8T/H 2*2-30*30mm 3.5KW 2625*1597*2142mm 1650KG

How It Work?

Project cases


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