Sorting Machines

Meyer have full sorting solution for plastic recycling:
  • Optical sorting technology to separate plastic by color;
  • Near infrared sorting technology to separate PVC-PET;
  • X-ray sorting technology to separate plastic by density;

Sorting Solutions
Check our sorter below:

PET flake sorting solution

PET bottle sorting solution

Plastic color sorting solution

Rock 300F PET flake color sorter

Rock 300F intelligentized Plastic Sorting machine specially produced for recycling industry.

  • Uniques color 2048CCD sensor: 20 million pixels, resolution and recognition reate are increased significantly.
  • High-end LED light source system: Hight brightness, low temperature rise and long life lighting.
  • Large capacity processing chip: Scan speed is greater than 10000 times/sec, the processing steps are more efficient.
  • New collecting system: higher sorting accuracy, lower broken ratio.
  • Large flat channel with high density ejector, can be adapted to a variety of materials and large production output.
  • Double air passage system: ensures stable performance on materials with high impurity.

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ROCK 120LDS Double Layer Belt Type
Plastic Color Sorter Machine

Rock 120LDS Double Layer Belt Type Plastic Color Sorter is specially designed to separate plastic flake by color.

  • Crawler-type transmission system: ensuring material can smoothly slide controlling broken rate effectively and increasing income finally..
  • New LED lighting source system: the stability of power supply is higher, the life of light emitting is longer and the suing cost is lower..
  • Advanced stainless steel: IP66 waterproof level ( sorting room can reach IP54) which is convenient for using..
  • Extensive automatic fault self-checking function: which can diagnose ejector, light control panel, electric motor and other failures automatically.
  • Industry-leading int4elligent shape sorting technology: which can effectively identify materials according to its size and shape.

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NIR PET PVC Separator Machine

Rock 120LI PUS NIR sorter is specially designed to separate the PVC/PP/PE/ABS/Rubber from PET flake.

  • Innovative infrared technology: superior plastic sorting and purification scheme.
  • The new infrared light source system: high efficiency, long lifetime and lower cost.
  • High-speed near infrared sensor: hight resolution and small plastic pieces can be indentified.
  • Automomatic image alignment algorithm: the feedback processing can be analyzed, make the detection excellent.
  • Multiple high-speed ejector system: more prcise culling, faster response less production loss.

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ROCK CN Series
Automatic PET Bottle Sorting Machine

Rock CN Series NIR Automatic PET Bottle Sorting Machine is specially designed to separate the PET bottle by Material and Color both.

This machine use near infrared technology and camera sensor to separate the pet bottle both by material and color, sorting efficiency is 99%.

  • CN whole bottle AI sorter.
  • Innovative sorting delivers color sorting and material sorting for whole PET bottles;
  • Quickly switch among different modes.
  • Precise separation of colors such as white, blue and green, and materials like PVC, PP and PE.

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